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, and control of this new gop treasure trove of data. >> this is where the campaign laws play a very important part. an outside group like american cross roads can't coordinate with a candidate so it doesn't make sense for a data project where you can give data out. it doesn't make sense. the rnc has it right. it needs to be with the rnc. they're talking about sourcing with it other group like the guy from heritage but i think it has to be run from the party. i think that has more to do with campaign laws than maybe that person who was quoted thinks. >> one of the most interesting things i thought to come out of this report, an official endorsement of immigration reform. at least it says in part, we are not a policy committee but among the steps republicans take in the hispanic community and beyond, we must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. if we do not, our party's appeal will continue to shrink to its core constituencies only. is this another one where they will be butting heads with some of their own rank and file? >> not if the rank and file read the totality of that d
any law. and unequivocally last year, a set of trades that were done by a group of jpmorgan traders in london that used derivatives and mortgage instruments, the same stuff in 2008, lost $6 billion for jpmorgan. >> people are still trying to get their heads around it. >> this was internal bank trading. this wasn't trading customer money explicitly. it was trading the bank's money to increase or decrease their capital and they blew it. and jamie diamond, the ceo of jpmorgan has been very explicit of, we blew it. we made mistakes. >> and one of the folks in the banking business that's generally held up as a finance leader that everyone else should emulate in the industry. why should the average person care? >> there are two things going on. one problematic and one even more problematic. the problematic for my perspective is judge jpmorgan is a privately held bank that lost a lot of money. it is an issue for the board. for shareholders. it an issue for you and me. unclear why this is an issue for the u.s. senate to get involved in unless there is any indication that jpmorgan internally
of it was not just that he was so much bet are than cardinal law who remains over there in the vatican, from boston, involved in all that cover-up. but he is a humble man who doesn't go for the trappings of power. the habit he pears. and he is kind of a franciscan kind of guy. and he is one as well. he didn't go for the big mansion. he got rid of that. and giving way some of the perks of office was a very important statement. humility is important. he is an honor priest and -- i have to say, we are watching something that is a real phenomena. for showbiz, there is nothing like the smoke. none of the pr guys in new york have come up with anything like this. never thought of anything this clever. have smoke come up, white if it is good, black if it's nothing app and at night, it's thrilling. look at faces of these people. they are so excited to be there. i wish i was there. >> let's go back to claudio. talk to chris's point about the feeling in the air. the rain but still the drama as even for the most cynical of people, it is infectious to see the reactions. this woman's face right now smiling with
is a well respected law enforcement guy, a veteran of the fbi, now running the tsa. he says, listen, the threat is not from knives. we know what al qaeda's intentions are and they are intent on blowing up or bringing down an aircraft. and now that the cockpit door is hard yepped, it is impossible for someone to get in and attack the pilots with a knife. that said, you've got just about every single member in aviation safety coming out opposed to this. you said the flight attendants, the airlines, three of them any way, you've got pilots coming out opposed to it. you've got major players including the air marshals opposed to this plan. and now this bipartisan effort on capitol hill to perhaps pass legislation that would not allow tsa to go forward with this. but the administration here has some strange bedfellows and it is in the republican party. some republicans think that the tsa is absolutely right that it makes no sense to be going after small knives. that's a waste time. it just gum up checkpoints. what the tsa should be doing is going after, at the same time burk really focusi
. pete, how did this ruling come about a? >> there's a longstanding law called the first sale doctrine. it says once buy something that's copy righted, a book, a cd, you can sell it. the copy right holder has no interest in your sale. this was about whether it applied to things made overseas. this affected a student who came to the u.s. he was buying textbooks here and he asked his parents to buy him the english versions made in thailand because they were a lot cheaper. they were made to be sold only in thailand. pretty soon he had a booming business making over $100,000 selling these ill ported textbooks on ebay. he got sued and he took it autumn way to the supreme court. today supreme court said that first sale applies to things made overseas as well. what that means is that you can now, or you can still sell anything that you buy that has copy righted material in it on ebay. even if it is made overseas. that would include books that are published overseas, but perhaps computers that contain software. even some kind of watches that have trademarks in them. lots of products. your car
gun legislation into the country, into law today. he signed measures limiting magazine capacity for eight bullets or eight shotgun shells. universal background checks. making buyers pay for their own background checks as well. the massacre at a movie theater last july and columbine back in 1999 were two of the biggest in the u.s. now removing an assault weapons ban from gun legislation going before the senate next month. harry reid said it was blocked because he felt p t would block passage of any bill at all. >> right now, her amendment, using the most optimistic numbers has less than 40 votes. i'm not going to try to put something on the floor that won't succeed. i want something that will succeed. >> i asked him if this could be part after package. he said, no. this is very important to me and i'm not going to lay down and play dead. >> democratic senator dianne feinstein of california reacting angrily to the assault weapons ban she sponsored being dropped. senior congressional reporter for politico. this is senator reid's announcement. shame on the united states. shame on us
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6